Monday, January 01, 2007

The name is Bond...James Bond

Imagine yourself as a Bond girl because 0-0-7 is upon us. And just as it is for a Bond promises to be a thrilling ride full of intrigue, adventure, breath-taking moments, and sleepless nights. It could make your heart race if you choose to enage yourself, becoming intertwined with its most intimate workings.....or if you let it pass you by, leave you plagued with ennui while 007 races off to thwart another villain.

No matter which Bond girl you are....or which Bond you's hoping 007 ends like a Bond movie - with the hero and heroine safe on the other side (usually between some satin sheets in a remote location with a martini and little else between them)

Happy New Year to all!

***Edited to add: The questions are pouring in, and if forced to choose, I'd have to say I'm Carey Lowell in A License to Kill or Denise Richards in The World is Not Enough.... And Roger Moore was the best traditional Bond, although I do enjoy Pierce Brosnan TREMENDOUSLY!