Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Case of Emergency Remix

Evidently being single and alone in my workplace is not an option.

Those forms I had to fill out were returned to me this week, with a little post-it note that said "Please fill in"

With what? Or more to the point, with whom?

Is it no longer socially acceptable to be a single female in this workplace? What are you supposed to do if you just don't have anyone you're that close to? I'm sorry, but the people closest to me are the people farthest from me... or they're so absent minded they wouldn't remember where I live or anything else about me. Good hearted souls, but the mind... not all there.

So I scrolled through my inbox and picked one. She's a newcomer, but I know she would at least know who to ask to get the info she would need. And she's on better terms than I am right now.

Once again, I beat the system

Saturday, October 06, 2007


When is a broken heart more than a broken heart? No, it's not a riddle.. I don't have a smart aleck answer stuffed up my sleeve somewhere. It's a question that was posed to me earlier today, albeit not in as many words. It was the kernel of contemplation that I took away from a conversation filled with queries.

Usually, I at least have a theory on these things, but this one truly hit me out of the blue. A friend's actions disappointed me immensely. And while I've forgiven him the actions, it still hurts that he is willing to sacrifice our friendship over things that we should be able to weather without issue. I called him friend. I trusted him. A trust and a kindness that has been repaid with strained silence when I needed him most, when I just need people around whom I can be myself.

Tonight I was called out on the strength of my reaction. Was there more to us than met the eye? Which led to a deeper conversation that boiled down to this: Friends can break your heart... sometimes harder than a lover. So when is a broken heart more than a broken heart?