Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Talk about a smartphone!

I learned a new word tonight!

My cell phone has the feature to fill in the rest of the word once it thinks it knows what you're trying to say. So I'm trying to type in "Neon." I get to the N-e-o, and the phone fills in "neologism"

What on earth????!?!?!?

ne ol o gism–noun
1. a new word, meaning, usage, or phrase.
2. the introduction or use of new words or new senses of existing words.
3. a new doctrine, esp. a new interpretation of sacred writings.
4. Psychiatry. a new word, often consisting of a combination of other words, that is understood only by the speaker: occurring most often in the speech of schizophrenics.

Thank you, Motorola!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank you

Blogging has been off the radar screen in the last few weeks. I've has a lot of stuff going on that has distracted me from the keyboard...the biggest being the number of hours a day I spend at the keyboard at work! So getting an email from two of you asking where I've been was not only motivational, it was down right inspirational

I've been feeling remarkably underappreciated lately. I've given up much of my self to care for others. Now they are moving on without me. Meanwhile, someone whom I thought had moved on, returned. And then there's work, a subject I won't blog about except to say that it's not going well. So while I'm not begging for compliments or attention, to know that at least two of you miss me here in the blogosphere is more positive reinforcement than I'm getting in my real sphere of existence. And for that I want to say thanks.

I could keep going on about far too much personal shit, but I've had a great Labor Day, just got in from a last minute party, and I'm having a touch of trouble typing. Instead, I will, as promised in my last post, introduce you to the Great Lingerie Debate, which should be properly named The Great Lingerie Paradox.

Ladies, I think we've all experienced this at some point. Men, here's a primer into the mind of the female. Know that nothing with us goes unplanned, or at least unconsidered.

I received a phone call from a gal who has come to be known as my younger twin. We have similar views, thoughts, speech patterns, the works, except she is 8 years younger than I. So it stands to reason that when faced with a shopping dilemma, she would call me. She had a guy coming over and there was the prospect of physicality, but she knew she didn't want to take things from the couch to the bedroom. So she called with a question: What kind of lingerie to buy, and from where.

Here's where men usually raise their hands and say, "What's the issue...something slinky from Vickie's Secret and we're good." But it's not about you guys. In fact, we determined (or, I determined and she agreed) that this is, actually, the only time in which we can truly buy the lingerie we like, even though it's for someone else. There are many layers to this issue. If we buy/wear something from Vickie's or Freddy's then it sends the message that more than the clothes will come off. The old comfies in the lingerie drawer aren't an option because there COULD be clothes coming off. Going to Macy's or the like could result in an overpriced purchase that is suitable but not comfy enough to be worn again when a man is not involved. So we decided that the perfect place was Target, where you can buy a comfortable matching set that can be worn again, but also don't look too out of place (read: No lace, no cartoons) - basically, it gave her carte blanche to buy the undies she had been looking at for a week!

T'was a great teaching moment for my "younger twin" - that at times, the greatest way to help others is by acting in your own self interest. Ah, the Great Lingerie Paradox!