Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In Case of Emergency, Please Call...

...No one.

I was at work today, filling out the annual update on our "on the job emergency" contact forms and it occurred to me. I don't have an Emergency Contact.

Sure, my parents can fill the secondary slot, but they're at least five hours away should anything happen. There is now officially no one in town whom I trust enough, care for enough, and whom I believe would care enough and know enough about me to be listed as my primary contact.

The one who filled that slot for so many years is now 500 miles away starting over. The friend who took his place last year - now 800 miles away. And the one who just two weeks ago could have filled that void in a pinch, now no longer speaking to me.

No wonder I've felt like an interloper for a while now. No wonder I feel this city is so foreign. It's all making sense now.